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This page is about the incarnation of Storm Shadow from the 2009 movie and 2013 sequel.'' The mainstream version can be found here: Cobra Commander .

Cobra Commander
(real name: Rexford Lewis) is the true main antagonist of G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra and the main antagonist of G.I. Joe: Retaliation. He is a soldier who became influenced by the Nanomite research from MARS Industries, which caused his mind to turn evil. He is a friend of Duke and brother to Ana Lewis who later became Baroness.

He is played by Joseph Godren-Levitt in Rise of Cobra and Luke Kibray in Retaliation

Rise Of Cobra

Rex and his sister Ana lost their parents at young age leaving them as orphans, Rex was an intelligent doctor and soldier who had best friends with Duke and Ripcord when Ana and Duke had fallen in love and engaged it means Rex was to become Duke's brother in law. During the war Rex became influenced by a doctor and presumed dead when Duke tried save him. He become a doctor and kidnapped his own sister by injecting her with his nanomites. Ana become Baroness and James McCullen joined him to rule the world and brainwashed people into comrades. When he revealed himself to his prisoner Duke, it left him to shocked to believe that he died years ago, but Ana turned against her brother to save Duke's life. After McCullen had his face burnt, Rex assumed control of MARS Industries while turning McCullen's scarred face into a solid metal head using his nanomites and dubbing him 'Destro'. Afterwards, he states that it was time for the Cobra to 'reveal itself' thus dubbing himself Supreme Commander over Cobra. His defeat was certain when Duke apprehended him and Destro, while telling him 'This has only just begun' stating that their conflict was on-going for all time.


Storm Shadow and ex-Joe Firefly rescue Cobra Commander from a penitentiary in Germany and they escaped and Cobra Commander later modified his Prison Mask into a new helmet and framed the Joes as traitors.

However, he was ultimately exposed by Storm Shadow (who betrayed Cobra and helped the Joes) about the plan to rule the world.


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