Coach sauers
Coach Whitey Sauers
is a character that appeared in an episode of the animated sitcom King of the Hill.

He appeared in the episode "Three Coaches and a Bobby".


Coach Sauers was the football coach of Arlen High school who led Hank, Bill, Boomhauer and Dale (towel boy) to the Texas State Champions, which they lost when Hank suffered a leg injury. Known for his strict and serious demeanor, he was well-respected by his players. Since then, he retired from coaching and got a job at a shoe store. Hank and friends came by and asked him to coach Bobby's middle school football team. Sauers agrees, but the kids are alienated by his demeanor, with having several kids, Bobby and Joseph included, leaving to join the soccer team (though he did stop one by throwing a football at his head). Sauers even goes further in his tactics by trying to have Joseph test a broken helmet by running into a wall. When Joseph refuses, Sauers does it himself, hurting himself in the process. He even makes kids work out by driving a car towards them, making them run fast, of which this tactic appalls Hank, which sees him expressing regret over pulling him out of the shoe store. After the confrontation, Sauers attempts to drive again, but gets knocked out with a drink cooler by Hank, who then takes over the coach position and having the kids who ran off come back to the team.