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Coach Jack Reilly

Coach Jack Reilly is the main antagonist of the 1992 hockey movie The Mighty Ducks. Reilly is the coach of the Hawks and the former mentor of Gordon Bombay. He is an over competitive coach who only cares about winning. He was portrayed by the late Lane Smith.


Jack Reilly was the coach of a young Gordon Bombay, when the latter played for his peewee hockey team, The Hawks. Under Reilly's coaching the Hawks won many peewee championships, but Reilly made them believe that winning was the only thing that matter. In 1973, during the peewee championship game, when the score was tied and The Hawks given a chance to win the game with a penalty shot, Reilly choose Bombay, who was his star pupil at the time, to take the shot. Before Gordon the shot, however, Reilly told Gordon how he wished that Gordon's father, who died months prior the championship game, was here, but he also to told the latter that if he missed the shot then he will let Reilly and the whole team down adding pressure on Gordon. When Gordon took the shot and missed, Reilly expressed his disappointment in him, much to Gordon's sadness. After the Hawks lost game in overtime as well as the championship tile for the first time, Reilly cut Gordon from the team. Over the course of almost 20 years the Hawks became the undefeated champions again and Reilly took a new star pupil, Adam Banks, who was almost as good as Bombay. During a game against the worst team in the league, Distract 5, who would be later known as the Ducks, Reilly saw and greeted his old pupil Bombay, who was sentenced to coaching the team as community service for drunk driving, told the latter about Banks and how he was wishing that the 1973 second place banner was removed.