The coach wordgirl
The Coach is a major antagonist from the educational PBS Kids Go television show "WordGirl". He does not have any real superpowers. He is a leader in the telemarketing movement who insists on villains that are out of luck to stay with him.

He visits the town that Word Girl lives in frequently to coach several upcoming supervillains. Some of these include the Whammer, Ms Question, Big Left Hand Guy, InvisiBill, and Timmy Timbo. The Coach asks his disciples to steal Michaelangelo's whistle. They do in fact succeed only to find out that it attracts dogs and a group of fighter dogs near his office attack him. In another episode, he asks the Whammer to give himself a car and another for The Coach. He talks similar to Rush Limbaugh and Rick Perry and is a conservative. He appears in a tv-on-street moment while the Whammer is questioning his right to be a criminal. He really only wants power for himself. In fact, being the ringmaster of the organization, he is trying to secure himself by taking off of all the criminal's ways. He is also unfair. In one episode, he doesnt give Ms Question a certificate just because she didnt have a real superpower, though he doesnt have one either.