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Whoever controls the stick controls the universe, and my first deed is that I hereby DENOUNCE the human and elf kingdoms and strip BOTH kings of all their power! HA HA HA HAHA HAHAH!
~ Clyde after becoming an evil overlord

Clyde Donovan is a supporting character from the critically acclaimed television show, South Park. Though he is a neutral character with an on and off friendship/rivalry with the main characters, Clyde acts as the secondary antagonist of South Park: The Stick of Truth



Clyde served as a minor antagonist in the Season 13 episode "Butters' Bottom Bitch". Butters paid Clyde $100 to punch Stan if he dared to intervene with Butters asking Wendy (Stan's girlfriend) to join his pimp business. Clyde eagerly accepted with Stan and Cartman horrified with Clyde proving Butters has now become corrupt.

The Stick of Truth

With the KKK

When the war among the humans and elves broke out over the mystical Stick of Truth, Clyde joined Cartman and the humans, the realm being labeled the Kingdom of Kupa Keep (the KKK). At the beginning of the game, when the war was in its infancy, Clyde was banished from the KKK by Cartman after he failed to stop the elves from stealing the stick.

Role as a Dark Lord

A long period of time later, Clyde secretly began building his own army of Nazi zombies and defective elves/humans called The Army of Darkness and stealthfully stole the stick amidst the elves' and humans' conflicts. As such, the two armies teamed up to stop The Army of Darkness, desperately allying themselves with the girls to assist their efforts. After the rebelling band is fully loaded with skilled soldiers, they attacked Clyde's dark tower and defeated him, leading to the fall of his military. In one last-ditch effort to defeat Cartman, Kyle, Stan, Princess Kenny, Butters, Jimmy, and the New Kid (the player character), Clyde manages to use the toxic chemicals responsible for the creation of Nazi zombies to resurrect the boys' friend, Chef, and forces him to fight against them. But he is defeated, ultimately leaving Clyde defenseless.

With no moves left to make, Clyde quits the game and goes back to his regular life, but not before Cartman knocks him off his tower for stealing the Stick in the first place and even weaponizing Chef against the group.