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Still you refuse? I'm afraid I must insist.
~ Cluster Ambassador

The Cluster Ambassador is a villain from My Life As A Teenage Robot. He is the former ambassador of The Cluster.


The Ambassador was the right-hand for Vexus of the Cluster. He arrived at Earth to convince Jenny to live at Cluster Prime. As Jenny declined, the Ambassador attacked her.


The Cluster Ambassador is shown to be loyal to the Cluster and merely wants for Jenny to join them even if he must force her into it. Along with this he is shown to look down on humans as he thinks they are only good for pets and labor even to the point he calls them merely "mortals" and demands they be quiet.


  • "We are the Cluster! And we feel your pain."
  • "Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto."
  • "Alas, XJ9, you have saddened me."
  • "Resistance is futile, XJ9."
  • "Still you refuse? I'm afraid I must insist."
  • "Much better. But what's this? Ah, yes!"


  • He was voiced by Wally Wingert who voices The Riddler.
    • Both voices are very similar.

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