Le plein d'infos pour la Maison Rouge à La Ronde 1

The Clowns are the main antagonists from the new horror interactive attraction in Maison Rouge at La Ronde.


In the time it was a canaval where people was going every year, the clowns was also funny and friendly at that time, until the canaval was gone for ever for unknow reason. The truth is that something horrible happen during the canaval some people were scare to death from clowns, many people believe demons take over the friendly clowns and turned them to serial killer and scary clowns. The house of fun still again in the place where it belong, but seem to be very old now, visitors will be terrified by the evil from the clowns, the house begun with amusement an laughter, until some evil clowns appear, the victims will want one thing get out of there before its too late. Because these clowns will seek their revenge, and maybe get coulrophobia to anyone who enter the abandoned carnaval house, because they will scare people away from that house who was more fun in the old good time.