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Clown Top

The Clown Top facing off against Buzz Lightyear

The Clown Top is a boss in the 1999 video game Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue.


The Clown Top is the boss of the game's fifth level, Alleys and Gullies. It is an evil spinning top with a small clown’s head, and it attacks by spinning across the ground trying to hit Buzz. The Clown Top resides on the roof of the apartment building, and can only be reached once Buzz obtains the Grappling Hook from Mr. Potato Head in another level. The boss tends to move quickly through the puddles and can be difficult to avoid, but Buzz can cling onto the poles dotted around to briefly escape from it. In order to beat this boss, Buzz must once again shoot it with his laser; (due to the Clown Top’s speed, it is sometimes wise to charge up the laser to deal more damage more quickly). Following the battle, a Pizza Planet Token will emerge for the taking.

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