The Clown Gang is a motorcycle gang made up of junkies and drug addictsThey Appear as antagonists
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in the Akira Manga and Film

In the film the Clowns are the archenemy of Kanada and the Capsules. Tetsuo and Kaori are confronted by the Clowns, one of the Clowns tries to burn Kaneda's bike while the rest of them hold Tetsuo and Karoi hostage. Kaneda and the Capsules fight them and save them both


when Tetsuo and the Clowns begin a violent city-wide turf war, Kaneda instigates a counter-attack that unites all of Neo-Tokyo's biker gangs against Tetsuo. The Clowns are easily defeated, but Tetsuo is nearly


invincible because of his powers. Tetsuo kills Yamagata, a high-ranking Capsule, and astonishingly survives after being shot by Kaneda. The Colonel arrives with the powerful drugs needed to suppress Tetsuo's violent headaches, extending an offer to join the project.