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Clown Chia
Heeheehee! No one can hurl pies faster than me! These robot imitations don't have a chance! Watch THIS! *splat* Think you can do better? That's a laugh!
~ Chia Clown
Tee hee hee hee! Ready for some fun everyone? Welcome to my carnival! I'm sure you'll have a blast playing with my friends. Prove yourself to be an expert pie-thrower and I'll give you a prize! Hee hee hee!
~ Chia Clown
Hmmf...You beat me, impossible.
~ Chia Clown after being defeated by a Neopet
Chia Clown or Chia Clown is a minor antagonist that appears in the Neopets game, as well as an minor villain in a random event on Neopedia.


The Chia Clown is a Yellow Chia and one of the many one-player challengers that users can fight in the Battledome. Like Mr. Chuckles, the Chia Clown was an entertainer at the Theme Parks before they closed down. Despite being a clown and a prankster, the Chia Clown isn't very funny, which causes him to get bullied and teased by other Neopets.


This pint sized prankster was once a great entertainer, but ever since the theme parks closed he has been really lonely. Now he lurks around the battledome looking for new people to play tricks on.

Better Than You

The Chia Clown has been a contestant on Better than You twice.


Clown Chia shares some similiarities to The Joker from Batman series.

Both of them are clowns who turn nasty. Both of them plays nasty pranks on the protagonists. Both of them kill the protagonists' parents in the protagonist's childhood.


In Carnaval of Terror, the army of robotic clones of Chias Clowns invade the carnaval, the unseen protagonist must find enough bullet ammo to defeat this robots for no reason to survive.

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