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Cloud Connie is a construct of Rose's Room who serves as the main antagonist of the Steven Universe episode, "Open Book."

"Rose's Room"

Cloud Connie The Warrior of The Wedding

Although she makes her full debut in Open Book, Cloud Connie appears in the episode, "Rose's Room" as one of the room's corrupted replicas of Beach Cities inhabitants, constantly repeating "He was Incredible".

"Open Book"

Cloud Connie makes her first full appearence in the episode, "Open Book" where Steven asks for a coustume shop for Connie to dress in. After some time, Steven tells Connie he wants to see her, only for Cloud Connie to come out instead. 

Throughout their attempt in creating a new ending, Cloud Connie keeps asking Steven what he wants whenever Steven asks her. After making some endings Steven, once again, asks Connie what she thinks. She then asks again what does Steven want. Steven exclaims he's trying his hardest and asks Connie to not do what he wants. This causes Connie to break down, repeating the word "want." Steven soon realizes he accidentally summoned her (as the room listens to what Steven wants by words), and the real Connie must still be in the costume shop. He undoes the creations, but is unable to dissipate fake Connie, who says that he doesn't want her to do what he wants.

Steven attempts to fly away on a Wind Lizard, but Cloud Connie pushes Steven off. They land near the costume shop where Connie is calling out for Steven. Steven asks for help, and Connie battles her, but Cloud Connie ignores her trapping Steven, he finally admits he likes the book ending, and Cloud Connie evaporates. <p class="MsoNormal"> 

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