Clone Timmy is a minor villain of The Fairly Oddparents special Fairy Idol. He serves as Norm the Genie's henchmen to have him frame Timmy by making his Fairy Godparents quit.


Norm shows timmy a clone that would keep Cosmo and Wanda busy and go to school for him while the actual Timmy plays with Chester. While the actual Timmy left to have fun with Chester, Norm gets the clone to torment Cosmo and Wanda (like having them turned into squirrels and stand on them to walk him, playing bowling with Cosmo as a bowling ball and Wanda as the pins, and playing paddle ball while Cosmo is the ball and Wanda is the paddle), then when the clone wanted Wanda as the ball and Cosmo as the paddle, and Cosmo and Wanda are fed up with his torment, and clone Timmy insulted that Cosmo is stupid and Wanda is fat, causes them too get angry and quit their jobs. Then actual Timmy notice what the clone really did and Norm admitted he was behind the whole thing. When Jorgan tries to wipe out Timmy's memory, actual Timmy hides inside the closet and Norm told the clone go get him out, as the clone tried to but the actual timmy kicked that clone out and have his memory ereased, and later the Timmy clone disappeared.