Don't say that handsome. Actually, you are just my type
~ Cloe Walsh
Show me your face twisted in pain.
~ Cloe Walsh

Cloe Walsh is the 23rd ranked assassin in; No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle.


Upon seeing Cloe Walsh in a unique prison cell, Travis Touchdown frees her in the hopes that she will "put out." She has the strange ability to spit acid and to create a screaming shockwave. She tries to subdue Travis by calling him handsome. When she was about to spray acid down Travis' throat, Travis grabs his Beam Katana, and stabs her in the stomach, saving himself. Cloe fights by spraying acid, generating dark vapors, and performing hyper shreeches. When Cloe manages to poison Travis, she'll attempt to spit acid down Travis' throat. She was eventually killed by Travis by getting sliced into pieces.

Powers & SkillsEdit

Cloe Walsh can spit/spray acid out of her mouth, and as some unusual supernatural abilities, such as powerful shreeches. She also seems to have the ability to subdue men.


  • Cloe Walsh is classified as one of the weakest bosses in the No More Heroes series, with low HP and almost all of her attacks are weak, easy-to-avoid, or both attacks.