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I'm going to enjoy this...
~ Armed with a meat cleaver, Clifton sadistically prepares to kill Farrell
Shut up, OK?
~ Clifton to Hannah before being Infected

Clifton is the quaternary antagonist in 28 Days Later. He was played by Luke Mably.


As well as the right hand man of Henry West, Clifton is a lieutenant in the British Army and abandoned his post outside Manchester to rebuild.

He is somewhat misogynistic, telling Jim before his execution that he'll have Selena and rape her, and he also repeatedly tells Hannah to shut up. Clifton is notable for being the only soldier to wear a hat; he wears a beret.


Killing Infected

When the men defend the house against Infected attacks, Clifton is the soldier who goes up to Selena and tries to seduce her, telling her that she has him to protect her. Selena rebuffs him, and Clifton gets violent until Farrel runs in and breaks them up.

When Jim learns that the men in the mansion are using women as slaves to rebuild; he rebels and runs out but Clifton knocks him unconscious. Henry tries to explain the goal to Jim but Jim won't respond. Jim still remains uncooperative and he is locked up with Farrel, another man who doesn't like the idea. Farrell expresses his view that the Rage Virus is just concentrated in Britain and the world is continuing normally. Then Clifton comes in to take them out to the woods and execute them.

Preparing to kill Jim

Clifton takes them out with the cook, but the cook gets panicky and shoots wildly, and the cook accidentally kills Farrell but Jim escapes. The sadistic Clifton wanted to maul Farrell to death, and he yelled at the cook about his incompetence, but then noted Jim was missing. The men hunt Jim down and the cook goes mad when he finds Jim set off the alarm, thus attracting hundreds of Infected to the area. Clifton viciously tells him to shut it and says that if Jim's out over the wall, he's dead. He then somewhat victoriously goes back to the house.

Preparing to rape Hannah

Henry dresses up Hannah and Selena for rape inside the house and says that Clifton can do what he likes with them. Selena is dressing and she pretends that she needs time alone, saying its only polite to give a woman time on her own to dress. Clifton won't listen until Selena runs at him and kisses him. This seems to somewhat calm him and he says "Come on lads, let's clear the room" but he spies on them through the door and when he sees Selena giving Hannah pills to calm her down he bursts in on them and gets mad, trying to beat up Selena. But the others restrain him.

Infection and later death

Later, Clifton is left to guard Selena and Hannah, but Hannah seems to be making prophecies that the others are dead and soon Clifton will be too. Clifton tries to shut her up but Hannah says that Clifton is next to die. Then Mailer bursts in through the window, already Infected, and Infects Clifton with the Rage virus. He chases them through the house, cornering Hannah in a room, but is confused by his own reflection and leaves. He later gets out of the house and dies of starvation in the coming weeks.


Already before being Infected, Clifton was very cruel, and very much a sociopath. Unlike the other soldiers, the Infection did not scare him - he seemed to like the loss of law and order. It seemed like he'd been waiting all his life for a collapse in society where he could kill whoever he wanted. Clifton took delight in killing Infected, actually getting sexually aroused by doing so, which disgusted other soldiers like Farrell. Clifton became empowered due to Rage and he narrowly missed killing Hannah. He joined Mailer's onslaught and killed many of his former military friends, before dying with the other Infected after five months.


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