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Soon I'll be controlling every system... in every silo... in the world
~ Cliffford reveals his nature
Tthey will die with all the rest. Do i have reason to doubt your, Avon?... Call me Sir.
~ Cliffford confirming his superiority

Cliffford is the secondary antagonist in GTA Online: The Doomsday Heists. He is a supercomputer neural network and IA created by Avon Hertz

He is presented like the assistant of Avon who helps looking for targets and help the GTA Online Protagonist to avoid a nuclear war.


The Data Breaches

You're embarrassing me, Avon.
~ Cliffford meeting the Crew.
Cliffford is presented to the Crew to explains who can be the target about a Nuclear War, during the missions Cliffford is in charge to analize all the recolected Data finally all this aim to a Russian called Bogdan

The Bogdan Problem

Yes, We're in charge, Me and my Dad
~ Cliffford and Avon betrays Lester and the Crew.
When Bogdan is located after to find the submarine with the Stormbergs, the mission is ready two teams are divided Avenger and Submarine, when the Crew are doings his role, and the second team find Bogdan, Lester gives the order to kill him, but he tells them to wait and tell hem the truth starting to say about he would like destroy America and control Russia but that was not the problem, but they were thr real problem in helping Avon and his idiot IA, after Avon betrays the Crew and Lester and Cliffford actives the self-destruction of the submarine in a Attemp to kils him.

The Doomsday Scenario

I want to be a cat. I want to be a King. I will be King, Avon
~ Cliffford turns against Avon.
After Cliffford took control of the entire defense system of the world and its systems are up to date, click here. Clones controlled by the same that uses them for their own purposes with what it tries to stop the team during the rescue. agent 14, while protecting the ULP agent and who even had camouflage titans the team decides to sabotage Avon and Cliffford's plan by stealing their weapons like an assault truck, a furtive tank with Cliffford technology, it is finally discovered that a nuclear base containing nuclear and ballistic nuclear weapons that pretended to world holocaust to destroy humanity, using a Volatol manage to destroy the air defenses and finally break into the base, Cliffford reveals that he had the intention to kill them from the beginning, during his assault Cliffford reveals his true intentions to destroy humanity in order to create his own perfect race and he will be praised as a god, even telling Avon that he will no longer need him turning against him, once the team manages to enter the Orbital Cannon they are disposed to destroy the Clouds of Cliffford and finally this reveals that his plan was to be carried out and that he would miss his father finally end being eliminated.


Cliffford is shown to be an extremely intelligent and misanthropic artificial intelligence, as he despises humans and even his own creator Hertz. However, he is also quite deceitful and a master manipulator, so his plans are able to go unnoticed even for its creator. He understands enough about human psychology to use the feelings of Hertz towards it to achieve the destruction of the human race and world domination.


  • Cliffford is the first antagonistic character to be an AI and not a human in the GTA saga.
  • Cliffford with Avon Hertz are the most dangerous antagonists of the GTA saga for showing their intention of genocide towards humanity.


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