Cliff is the main antagonist in the 2009 film A Perfect Getaway.

He is portrayed by Steve Zahn.


Cliff is a sadistic serial killer who kills people whose identities he wishes to take for himself. He works alongside his partner, Cydney, who tolerates him solely because she likes the attention he gives her, even if it somewhat false. Cliff and Cydney pretend to celebrate their marriage by travelling to Hawaii for their honeymoon, where they meet a couple of hitchhikers. After a series of murders take place on the island, a young man and woman are suspected and the hitchhikers end up being arrested. Cliff and Cydney meet up with another couple on a beach, named Nick and Gina, and they begin to hang out together. However, Cliff later lures Nick out to sea whilst kayaking before shooting him dead. As Gina tries to save him, she is attacked by Cydney but manages to escape.

Cliff notices Gina on a cliff and tries to kill her, but fails. Gina flees and Cliff pursues her, eventually catching up to her and preparing to end her life for good. He is then attacked by Nick, who survived the bullet wound earlier, while Cydney catches the attention of a police helicopter and hitches a ride with them. She then leads them to Cliff's whereabouts, and a police sharpshooter aims at Nick (who is viciously beating Cliff), believing him to be the killer. However, Cydney tells the sharpshooter that Cliff had ruined her life and that he is the one responsible for the killings. The sharpshooter then snipes Cliff through the head as he is about to reach for a gun, killing him instantly.