If these kids try trading me fake Bred 4's for my Gucci Belt, I'm gonna pop them with my Tec-9.
~ Quote from Evil-doer
Ya boyfriend a bumb.
~ Evil-doer's intelligent philosophy.
Wus poppin' B?
~ Evil-doer's quote
Nigga let me check the stitching on those timbs, B.
~ Evil-doer harassing an African-American to check the authenticity of their Timberlands

Cleetus Philip Man Dude Bruh was born on September 11, 1990. His father, Nigga Man Dude Bruh, was a narcotics distributor in New York. Nigga Man Dude Bruh was caught and arrested in 2005, and Cleetus was put into a foster home. He took up after his father, and gained the street name, "Evil-doer".

In 2009, "Evil-doer" hooked up with the 'Glory Boys', a local street gang that needed more muscle so they could take over gang territory. Evil-doer's first assignment was to find, kidnap, and beat up Sanchez, the rival gang leader. Evil-doer did more then that, he killed him.

Evil-doer got closer with the 'Glory Boys', and he managed to take over the gang. He runs it to this day. Currently, the gang is stationed in New York City, and there have been graffiti sightings in Nebraska, Kentucky, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Evil-doer owns a store in New York City called, "Designer or Die", where they resale designer and limited edition shoes. The store grosses about $100,000 a year and is about to become a corporate industry.