Clemens Brothers

Clemens Brothers (Rufus [Strother Martin], Emmett [Ernest Borgnine]& Frank [Jack Elam])

Clemens Brothers are the main antagonists from the 1971 Western film Hannie Caulder.


The Clemens Brothers are introduced as outlawed criminals from the old west. After a disastrous bank raid they stumbled to a islolated house out in the desert and attempted to steal the owner's horses. But they were stopped by Mr. Caulder who was armed with a gun. Rufus quickly killed the man and the men went into the house to find Mr. Caulder's wife, Hannie (Raquel Welch). There, the three men raped Hannie and even destroyed the house and left with the horses to go on a crime spree. Hannie survived and swore revenge on the brothers. Hannie was trained under a bounty hunter named Thomas Price (Robert Culp) who was later killed by them and Hannie began her revenge. Frank was killed by Hannie at a Saloon. Rufus was killed when he found Hannie at a shop. Finally, Emmett was killed by Hannie with the help of The Preacher (Stephen Boyd) at an old abandoned prison.