Clayton (The Dictator)


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Listen, while you're here. I highly recommend you'd visit the Empire State Building, before you or one of your sand-monkey cousins takes it down.
~ Clayton to Admiral Genreal Aladeen.
Anyone outside of America is technically an Arab.
~ Perhaps the sharpest line of Clayton's racism.

Clayton is a racist assassin to kill Admiral General Aladeen and a minor antagonist in The Dictator.

He was portrayed by John C. Reilly, but the actor did not receive credit.

He was hired by Tamir Aladeen, as Clayton mentioned he was getting paid to do so. After removing Aladeen's beard in order make sure no one recognizes his carcass, he then tried burning the beard (even though Clayton could have just done that later and kill Aladeen first), but then as he lit the beard on fire, he also lit himself on fire and he dies from accidental immolation. Aladeen then escapes from Clayton's compound and therefore this is how the movie's plot started with the psychopathic dictator forced into being demoted to just an average person in New York City.


Clayton is prejudiced against anyone who is not an American, especially dictators of foreign countries. He was also deeply offended when Aladeen called his weapons inferior despite the fact that it doesn't matter since the weapons are still lethal and good for use.