We are friends, right?
~ Clayton

Clayton is a supporting character in The Amazing World of Gumball.  He had a minor antagonist role in "The Skull". He is a very compulsive liar, and does it to become Gumball and Darwin's friend. His lying makes them lie as well. At first, him, Gumball, and Darwin mention about a guy with a skull destroying the showers in the bathroom. At first, they thought that Miss Simian and Principal Brown thought that it was made up, but Clayton freaked out we he heard he was real. At the end of the episode, it was just a story he made up, and lied about how the showers got destroyed by telling the principle that they were "soap-dodging". The principal replied, "Gross", ending the episode.

In "The Move", Clayton burns Gumball's cafeteria tray, and gives him a "stinkeye" glare, making Gumball glare at him back, and soon they growled at each other. Luckily, Darwin, stops their fight and makes them apologize to each other.

Then Gumball and Darwin confront Clayton, and attempt to make him stop lying. After Clayton performed his secret martial arts move on Tobias, he was unconsciously knocked out. Clayton tricks Jamie into being framed for knocking Tobias out, making Gumball and Darwin lie about it. The two boys then performed their owns moves on them by the climax of the episode.