~ Clay Davis' catchprase

Clayton "Clay" Davis a.k.a "Downtown" Clay Davis, is a corrupt senator and major character in the HBO seies "The Wire".

Season 1Edit

When the Major crimes unit of BPD discovers $20,000 of drug money in the car of Davis's driver, they try to expand the wiretap-based investigation to include Davis. The Deputy Commissioner of the BPD, Ervin Burell, calls the head of Major crimes, Lt. Daniels into a private meeting with Davis, pressuring him into excluding the senator's alleged involvement. However, Daniels is unwilling to drop the case. Nevertheless, Burell  pulls the plug on the investigation, and Clay Davis's involvement is effectively left buried. However, it is mentioned that Davis has a reputation for taking bribes, and has been under federal investigation for the last two years, further proving his corrupt nature.

Season 2Edit

Davis attends a fundraiser thrown by union leader Frank Sobotka, accepting contributions in return for assurances that he would vote to construct the granary pier that Sobotka believes will help revitalize the union. After the press reports on criminal activities within the union, Sobotka's lobbyist advises him that none of the politicians—including Davis, presumably—will follow through. Davis is later seen at a groundbreaking ceremony for dockside condominiums being built on the site of the proposed granary pier.

Season 3Edit

Davis acts as a suposed consultant for Russell "Stringer" Bell, taking bribes from the Barksdale Organization while claiming to win state government contracts for the drug empire's legitimate business front, B&B. However, Bell becomes suspicious when he learns that block grants have been given to several city developers instead of B&B. Maurice Levy, Bell's lawyer, concludes that Davis has "rain made" Bell; the senator has played off Stringer's inexperience in legitimate business, taking the money and doing nothing in return. Stringer, furious, attempts to put a contract on Davis's head, but Barksdale warns him that murdering a public figure will bring too much unwanted attention from the authorities. Soon after Stringer is killed, leaving Davis to get away scot free with hustling him.

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