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The Clay Boy is the ravenous main antagonist in the book of the same name by Mirra Ginsburg. It was based on a Russian folktale.

The Clay Boy was created by an old peasant couple. Since they didn't have any children, they crafted a boy out of clay and dried it by the fire. The Clay Boy then comes to life demanding food. The old couple oblige, and they give him plenty to eat. They also began to notice that the Clay Boy was increasing in size. Still not satisfied, the boy goes out side and devours the animals that the peasants had and later the old couple. The Clay Boy later goes on a rampage through the town and consumes all the residents in the town. The last remaining individual in the town was a white goat who squared off with the Clay Boy. The Clay Boy was killed when the goat charged at him with its horns, and he releases all the individuals who were devoured by the boy.

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