Clawface is a minor villain in Erin Hunter's Warriors book series. He is a scrawny, battle-scarred brown tom cat.

Yellowfang's secret

Into the Wild

In Into the Wild he is first seen as a ShadowClan warrior and he has an apprentice Littlepaw. He is mentoined by Greypaw as one of the great warriors that he would see at the gathering. Clawface later goes into the ThunderClan camp and kidnaps Frostfur's kits Brackenkit,Cinderkit,Thornkit,and Brightkit. He also kills Spottedleaf while he is at it. ThunderClan accuses Yellowfang of killing Spottedleaf. Bluestar later send Firepaw,Graypaw, and Ravenpaw to find Yellowfang and get the kits back. Firepaw and Graypaw soon run into a ThunderClan Patrol and they raid ShadowClan with Yellowfang and drive out Brokenstar, Blackfoot, Clawface, Boulder, Russetfur, and Jaggedtooth.

Fire and Ice

In Fire and Ice Clawface attacks Thunderclan With Brokenstar and his rogues. He first attacks Fireheart saving Brokenstar,bitting down hard on Firehearts leg. Fireheart gets very angry remembering the day he killed Spottedleaf. Then right when Clawface was about to kill him he is killed by Graystripe. After he is killed Brokenstar is captured and rest of the rogues retreat and two ThunderClan apprentices Swiftpaw,and Sandpaw bury Clawface's body.

Secrets of the Clans

It is mentioned that he was mentored by Brokenstar's father Raggedstar. It is also mentioned that he walks into the Place of no Stars like Tigerstar and Brokenstar.