Claudio Valisti is an Antivian merchant prince and the Third Talon of the Antivan Crows. He's the main antagonist of the comic Dragon Age: The Silent Grove. However, he works for Aurelian Titus.


Claudio ambushes Alistair, Isabela, and Varric Tethras when they break into the Archive of the Crows. He recognizes Alistair is, who says to him that he seeks the information about king Maric. Claudio tells Alistair that his father is in a prison called Velabanchel. Claudio allows Alistair and his companions go but warns that he can't aid Alistair further.

When they leave the Tellari swamps, the trio is attacked again by Claudio and his troops. The Claudio leader of the Antivan Crows explains that his employer hired him to capture Alistair. Alistair surrenders, on the condition that Isabela and Varric are allowed to go free. Claudio complies, dragging Alistair away.

Varric and Isabela attack Claudio's camp, killing his men. Isabela duels with Claudio, who bests her, and prepares to kill her, but she cuts off his sword hand, slits his throat and stabs him in the heart. Alistair gets furious because he as killed won't tell him informations he seeks. Yavana calms him down by telling she can summon the spirit of Claudio back into his body. Caludio temporarly brought back to life reveals Aurelian Titus hired him. Then he turns into dust, only his skull remains.