I personally like the way squirrel pee smells.
~ Claudio Gregory

Claudio is a (former) antagonist from the YouTube series "Fred". He first appears in "Fred gets kidnapped by Claudio".

He was portrayed by Lucas Cruikshank, who also played Fred.


In Fred Gets Kidnapped By Claudio, Claudio grabs Fred and locks him in a dog carrier because he "wouldn't cooperate" with him. He apparently doesn't know what a video camera is because when he picks it up he says "What is this? What in the world is this thing?" but later he figures out what it does when he says "So the boy makes videos. How cute, how fun, (deeper voice) how sweet.". He later smells a shoe and asks why it smells "so yummy". He reviels his full name is Claudio Gregory and that he grew up in Hawaii. Claudio seems to be very psychotic and often says really random things like "One day I brought Fruit Punch for my homeroom. I spit in it. My saliva is now inside all of those peoples bodies.". When Fred's mom gets home and tries to kick Claudio out of the house, he tells her he will pay a lot of money so he could stay here, which she accepts.

In Fred Is Left Alone With Claudio, Claudio is in a bedroom singing Miley Cyrus' "Can't Be Tamed". Later he comes down, grabs Fred's video camera and says that it's their "bonding time" and that they're going to be "friends". When Fred refuses and argues with him, Claudio locks Fred in the dog carrier again for a "time out" and says that's how his parents desiplined him and that he turned out perfect. When Claudio releases Fred they start their "bonding time". Firstly, Claudio asks Fred about Judy after he looked through his cellphone and says if Fred doesn't stop calling her, he will take his phone away. Then he tells Fred it's "nap time" so he sings a creepy version of "Mama's gonna buy you" to him. Claudio then says that it's time to go and Fred whisperes "Help Me!".

In Claudio on Valentine's Day, Claudio is taking over the show.

In The New Fred Saga, Claudio kidnaps Fred and helps Momino, the founder and owner of the South Korean company, Yuksung. In the end, he became friends with Lucas and Fred.