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Claudia Hartnell

The evil Claudia Hartnell

Claudia Hartnell is the main villainess from the Lifetime film, Best Friends.

She was played by Claudette Mink, who also played lead villainess Finn Connors in Web of Desire.

Claudia Hartnell is the best friend of Beth Ferrier, but she has secretly harbored jealousy of Beth's wonderful life and developed and obsession with obtaining that lifestyle for herself. The first act that Claudia commits is killing her well-to-do husband, and she later sets her sights on Beth's husband, Kurt. Claudia pulls all stops to eliminate Beth from the proverbial picture; drugging Kurt and removing his wedding ring, setting up Beth to be pulled over for drunk driving, and even nearly killing her lover when he figured out her real game plan. In the film's climax, Claudia enters Beth's house and points a gun at her, forcing her to write a suicide note while detailing her plans to live her life with Kurt and take Beth's perfect life. The women struggle and fight, which results in Claudia getting shot and later hospitalized while she's arrested. In the final scene of the film, Claudia poses for her mugshot, while insisting that she never could do what she did to Beth, because Beth is her best friend.

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