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Claude Speed is the protagonist and the playable character of the video game Grand theft Auto 2.


Claude Speed was nothing more than a mere thug in Anywhere City. However, he soon began to work for many crimelords there. Initially working for many of their gangs, he had an ulterior motive: secretly working for all of them, to betray everyone of the bosses, kill them and take over the city's criminal scene. After his treacherous nature is discovered by the crime lords many of them try to kill him but are killed as a result. Thus, he was able to take over the city's criminal underworld.

GTA 2 Movie

In the GTA 2 movie, Claude remains mostly unchanged, working for several crime bosses in Anywhere City. Claude is killed by an assassin sent by the Zaibatsu Corporation after he steals a van and their merchandise.


Claude is a sociopath who has absolutely no remorse for his actions. He will work for anyone who will give him the cash and resources needed and easily manipulates and betrays anyone who is between him and his goals. He goes far to the point of spitting on the corpse of his enemies he killed.

He worked for all of the gangs at the same time and was successful in turning them against each other to take over the city's criminal scene.


  • Claude doesn't speak in GTA 2 but he talks in the GTA 2 Movie.
  • Claude Speed is presumably the most evil protagonist of GTA series.
  • Claude is absent in GBC version of GTA 2. Instead there are six optional protagonist to choose.

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