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For the Disney version, see Judge Claude Frollo

Don Claude Frollo is the Archdeacon of Notre Dame and the main antagonist of the original Victor Hugo novel, The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Despite being a priest, he finds himself madly attracted to Esmeralda. He nearly murders Phoebus in a jealous rage from seeing Phoebus on top of Esmeralda.

He is killed when Quasimodo pushes him off the cathedral.

His dour attitude and his alchemical experiments scared and alienated him from the Parisians, who believed him a sorcerer, and so he lived without family, save for Quasimodo and his spoiled brother Jehan. But, there is much good in Frollo, seen in his care for Quasimodo and Jehan.

He serves as the novel's tragic anti-villain.

However, in Disney's 34th full-length animated feature film, he was created as a Judge who was quite evil, while another character called the "Archdeacon" was created embodying the good aspects of the original character.

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