Claude in his human form

Claude in his human form.

I love Americans.
~ Claude upon meeting Andy McDermott.

Claude is the main antagonist in An American Werewolf in Paris. He is the leader of a werewolf society based in Paris. His plan was to use a drug that activates the werewolf transformation to his own advantage.

He was portrayed by Pierre Cosso.


Much of his back story is unknown but it's implied he was sired by Serafine Pigot, the daughter of David Kessler, as she claims he stole her blood. It's also implied that he seduced her in order to get it. Somehow he became the leader of the werewolves in Paris and use's his night club to lure in more victims.

In the film, Claude invites american tourist and college student Andy McDermott and his </span>friends to his club. Serafine, who earlier befriended Andy earlier, rushes to the club as the full moon rises. She helps them escape but Andy is bitten by a werewolf and his friend Brad is killed by another. Over a course of several days, Andy discovers he is turning into a werewolf himself.


Claude in his werewolf form.

Claude and his henchmen run into Andy again and try to get him to join their society, but in order to do so, he must kill his surving friend Chris. Andy refuses and Serafine comes to his rescue once again. It turns out Serafine's stepfather attempted to make a cure for lycanthropy, but the "cure" caused an immediate transformation. Claude raids Dr. Pigots' lab and plans to distribute the drug to the other werewolves in his club.

Meanwhile, Andy learns the cure to lycantrhopy is actually eating the heart of the werewolf who bit him. He and Serafine rush to the party which is filled with tourists celebrating the Fourth of July. Serafine and Andy manage to break down the door as the werewolves begin to transform. At the same time the police arrive and a fight with the werewolves enuses. Most of the police are killed but Andy and Serafine hold their own. Andy persues Claude and manages to chase him down to a subway train, where he learns that Claude was the werewolf who bit him. Andy manages to take the seringe and transforms, Andy attacks Claude and eats his heart, curing himself.


  • According to a deleted scene, the werewolf society had been existing for centuries and the werewolf who attacked David Kessler in the first film was a former member of the werewolf society.