Claude's Father
You can pick your friends but you can't pick your family.
~ Claude's father

Claude's Father is one of the antagonists in the 2002 film Ken Park directed by Larry Clark and Ed Lachman.

He was portrayed by Wade Williams, who also played Brad Bellick in the T.V Series Prison Break.


Claude's father is clearly one of the antagonists in the 2002 film Ken Park, destroying things that Claude enjoys having (I.E His Skateboard).

Claude's father is mean-spirited and obnoxious, a bully whose main objective is to put Claude down to make himself happy. 


Claude's Father sitting with Claude's Mother

Claude's father detests him because he believes that Claude is a homosexual, and bullies him and beats while Claude's mother stands by and does nothing. However, there are a few moments that suggests that he is gay himself. One night, he comes home drunk and attempts to perform oral sex on Claude, who kicks him off the bed and runs away.


Claude's father is a harsh, abusive alcoholic. He despises his son Claude, and will never be satisfied until he leaves home. He picks on Claude and mocks him for being gay, and yet he himself is a closeted homosexual.


  • Claude's father is simular to Frank Fitts. Both accuse their sons of being homosexuals, yet both are closeted homosexual themselves.