Hear our prayers. Receive our sacrifice. Receive our sacrifice, o Holy One.
~ The Claudandus Sect chanting their prayer to their prophet Claudandus.
Come with us. Wherever you go, you'll find something preferable to death.
~ The spirits of the Claudandus Sect.

The Claudandus Sect is the name of a suicidal cult of cats that belongs to their namesake prophet Claudandus whom they also worshipped as both a messiah and a god. The sect was run by the feline priest, Joker before he was killed. They are the major antagonists in the 1994 German animated, film noir, mystery movie Felidae and the 1989 crime fiction novel of the same name of which the movie was based on by the German-Turkish writer Akif Pirinçci.



  • The Claudandus Sect might or might not share some similarities to the Cult of the Cat from The New Batman Adventures.
  • The Claudandus Sect has a high priest named Joker.
  • Kong, Hermann and Hermann are members of the sect.