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If I had killed them it would be because...they were worthy of me.
~ Clark to Peter
Clark Ingram is a minor antagonist and a serial killer in TV show Hannibal. Working as a social worker, he is responsible for the deaths of at least 16 women whom he buried together in a plot of land. He covered the case of Peter Bernardone, a psychologically disturbed man that had previously received a serious head injury from one of his horses.

After Peter attempted to lead police in Clark's direction, he intended to kill Peter and frame him as the one responsible for the murders...that is until Peter overpowered him and sewed him into a horse's stomach (alive) in order to let him know how it felt to suffocate. While Clark was able to get himself free from the horse's body, he was confronted by Will Graham who attempted to murder him outright but Hannibal Lecter stopped Will from pulling the trigger, thus sparing Clark's life.

He is currently in custody, to be convicted of the 16 murders he committed.


  • Sarah Craber
  • 15 unnamed women


  • A black horse (responsible for Peter Bernardone's head injury; head smashed with sledgehammer).



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