Clarisse Van Ripper was an antagonist in Midnight Sons and a user of the Darkhold, a powerful but demonic text within the mythos of Marvel comics and a creation of the elder-god, Chthon.

As a young woman she opened her family home to local children and allowed them to play within the grounds, yet she began to feel she deserved some entertainment in return and took to graphically murdering and torturing the children for her own amusement : her very first victim was drowned in a bath and she continued to murder until a young would-be-victim stumbled across her killing another child.

Trying to stop the child from escaping she fell down the stairs and was paralyzed, amazingly she evaded the law and for forty years she sat and watched as children continued to play in her yard and hated them.

A malignant force known as the Darkhold Dwarf would arrive to Clarisse and gave the evil woman a second chance at "life" - using a page from the Darkhold she became bound to a demon which she used to start a new reign of terror.

Her third murder was two newlyweds and when she realized Ghost Rider was investigating she became paranoid he was going to steal her powers and sent her demon after him : however she was distracted when she came across some children and decided to kill them.

She was stopped by Ghost Rider and Blaze, who managed to kill her demon and caused her to return to her paralyzed state - as punishment for her evil ways Ghost Rider used his Penance Stare on the woman before leaving, allowing the murderer to feel pain again..