Clarence Teal is the secondary antagonist in the 1997 film Metro.

He is portrayed by Paul Ben-Victor.


Teal is the somewhat cowardly cousin of Michael Korda, a ruthless jewel thief, and he tries to help Korda in various ways throughout the film. Korda is quite often impatient and irritable around Teal, yet he clearly cares for him and claims that he has always looked after him. When Korda is arrested by Inspector Scott Roper, Teal visits him in prison where Korda tasks him with murdering Scott's girlfriend, Ronnie. Teal is reluctant at first, but Korda uses emotional blackmail to force Teal into complying.

Teal travels to Ronnie's house and attempts to kill her with a knife, but before he gets the chance, Scott arrives and chases him out onto the street. Teal takes Scott by surprise and attacks him with the knife, but Scott manages to kill him by throwing him into the path of an oncoming taxi.

Teal's death

Teal is killed after being run over by a speeding taxi