Clara Toplyn

Clara Toplyn is a villainess from "Mr. Monk and the Employee of the Month," episode 3.07 of Monk.

She was played by Sharon Johnston.


Clara Toplyn was a longtime evidence clerk for the San Francisco Police Department; she retired four years prior to the episode's events. It was revealed that Clara actually stole confiscated cocaine from the evidence room, and was bribed by drug dealers to do so. Clara's villainous actions led to a guilty drug dealer going free, and also ruined the career of detective Joe Christie, who was falsely accused of the theft and fired from the force.

After receiving her payout, the evil Clara retired and later bought a bicycle at a police auction. It was sold as a boy's bicycle, but when going through the evidence in the episode, Monk noticed that it was actually a girl's bike; Clara had placed a bar on the bike to make it look like a boy's bike. Police arrived at Clara's house and it was confirmed that the bike had cocaine residue. Clara, who claimed that the bike was for her grandson, was arrested for theft.