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Clara Dalrymple is the main antagonist of Racing Stripes. She is Nolan's former employer.

She was portrayed by Wendie Malick who also played Beautiful Gorgeous


In Racing Stripes

Clara is the current employer of Channing Walsh, the daughter of the film's main human protagonist, Nolan Walsh (who also used to work for her). When we first meet her, she is chastising Channing for bringing Stripes to the race track, which causes the latter to instantly dislike her. Later on, she bullies Channing again, but this time, Nolan calls her out on it. Clara then volunteers Stripes to compete in the Kentucky Open.

After Stripes manages to win the race, a dissatisfied Clara is further humiliated when Goose the Pelican dumps on her hat in front of the press.


Although Dalrymple is an equestrian, she does not treat her horses with respect, only for money (although she does favor Trenton's Pride and Ruffshodd). She is very rude, abusive, and obnoxious, and disrespectful to the people that she works with. She is also very hateful obstinate, and unsupportive of the Walsh family as well.


Clara is a middle-aged woman with blonde hair.