Claire Wellington is the main antagonist of the 2004 remake version of "The Stepford Wives".

Distraught over the loss of her husband Claire explains that she created Stepford because she also was a bitter, career-minded woman, tired but driven professional. Before the events of the film she was considered (according to herself) the world's foremost brain surgeon and genetic engineer.

At the point she even had secret contracts with Pentagon, Apple and Mattel.

When she discovered that Mike (her husband) was having an affair with her research assistant she murdered him and his lover in a jealous rage.

Deciding to make the world 'more beautiful' she created a robot replica of Mike partly because he was someone other men would listen to and she loved the rpbot as if it was the real Mike but improved.

After that she dedicated her entire time to transformi Stepford into a town full of robots pulling there a lot of women whose lives were similar to her old life: "overstressed, overbooked, under-loved" and she used her robot replica of Mike to make all that women into robots.

As a result the original personality of all that women was drastically altered in order to please her husbands.

Those women, in fact, behaved like slaves, and were obsessed with things like cleaning their kitchens and houses and doing their hair, and about all, womens that never challenged to their husbands, or to their sons in any way, and that only waited on the hand and foot of their husbands. When Joanna wondered aloud why Claire didn't simply make the men into robots, she replies that she planned to turn the whole community into robots. Claire then electrocutes herself by kissing Robo-Mike's severed head.