Evil Claire Lynch

Claire Lynch appeared as a recurring villainess on several episodes of Impact Wrestling in 2012.

Claire was first introduced as a drug addict being helped out by Dixie Carter and AJ Styles, killing rumors from Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian) that Styles and Dixie were having an illicit affair. However, Bad Influence started another rumor that Claire was pregnant and that Styles was the father, and Claire angrily confronted Styles and confirmed the rumor on a later edition of Impact. Claire turned heel and continued to plague Styles from that point on a number of occasions over the weeks. In one instant, the evil Claire was shown in the audience scowling and glaring at Styles during one of his matches in Impact. The angle ended with Claire (through her attorney) confessing that not only was Styles not the father, she wasn't even pregnant. The whole thing was a scheme cooked up by Bad Influence, who met Claire at a party and later worked together to blackmail Styles.