Claire Callahan Heel Turn

Claire Callahan was a psychiatrist and a recurring character from Season Three of SyFy's Haven. She turned villainous in the season's 11th episode, "Last Goodbyes."

She was played by Bree Williamson.

Claire Callahan first appeared in the Season Three opener, "301," helping Audrey after she was abducted. At first, Audrey refused to talk to Claire, but as the season progressed, the two formed a tight bond. Claire continued to help Audrey on cases involving troubled people, but during sometime in the season, she was killed by Arla Cogan, a villainess who assumes other people's identities by wearing their skin. Unbeknownst to the group, especially Audrey, Cogan, also known as the "Bolt-Gun Killer," posed as Claire and continued to be at Audrey's side.

In the episode, "Last Goodbyes," Claire is interrogated by Audrey, who wonders if she could be the skinwalker, but she somehow passes and later assists Audrey in the rest of the interviews. At the final scenes of the episode, Audrey discusses the interviews with Claire and trying to figure out who the actual killer is, and during her thoughts, Claire tells Audrey to "hush." At that moment, however, Audrey remembers her inquisition of Will Brady; where Brady stated that his attacker, the actual killer, told him to "hush." Realizing that her cover is now blown, Claire turned heel and pointed a gun at Audrey, while asking what it was that gave her away. In the opening scene of the following episode, "Reunion," Claire knocked Audrey out with her gun, and after the attack, Cogan ditched her Claire disguise.