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In the 2011 movie Not Responding Claire is an antagonist.


She tries to seduce Declan's ward but fails and is thrown in jail. When she is discovered to be in a romantic relationship with her own brother and her father she is hastily released. She celebrates her release with a naked family orgy.

When she is gleeful, cops come and take her again. She kills them all this time and breaks out and hides in Declan's apartment, naked in the bath to seduce him, spying on him. Unbeknowest to her the bath is on loose floorboards and she falls down to the bottom floor. Naked, she tries to seduce him again but is kicked out.

Vengeful, she goes to Declan's office and seduces and has sex with his boss in order to persuade him to fire Declan. When he wins house championship she bursts out in tears and reveals how badly she was treated which starts a fight with her kissing her brother in the audience. Declan reveals she fired him. During the ensuing fight she and her brother are knocked out.


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