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Full Name
Perogra, Bound Watcher, He Who Slumbers in the Buried Dark, God of the Green Throne
Ruby Quest
Powers / Skills
Ability to cast voices, incredible force of both influence ind corruption (physically limited)
Still not completely known (likely to rip a hole in the time-space of the facility using the patients' mutations).
Type of Villain
Lovecraftian Horror, Corrupting influence

Cjopaze (pronounced "Syo-pah-zay"), also known widely as The Barbed Wheel, is the name presumed by 4chan's tradional gaming community of the entity responsible for the events of the Ruby Quest adventure by The Weaver. It never appears, nor does it interact directly with either Tom or Ruby; the protagonists. It is not even explicitly named during the story, or referenced in the original poem the story was based on. The little that is known is as follows:


--buried room was underneath all along... and we never would have found it were it not for Red's insistence on the need for emergency holding cell. The things they're pulling up are simply astounding. That statue, the carved disc, they bear signs unlike anything I've ever seen. And that bizarre dummy, its eyes are--
~ A note of an unknown author.

The entity had first surfaced as the bottom level of the facility--known as "The Brig room"--was excavated while the facility was expanded under the direction of the head researcher/cheif diagnostics technician, Red. He later reported that this decision was influenced by dreams he experienced and also voices he, and others, had been hearing; but apparently the only one to hear them distinctly enough or the only one to take it seriously, was himself.

Recovered Artifacts

All malevolent activity at the Metal Glen medical research facility can be connected to several objects retrieved from the "The Brig room". These objects include:

  • An odd disc with an eye imprinted on it
  • A tightly wrapped, leather-bound dummy (see below)
  • A small, fetus-esque statuette
  • A strange, fleshy, red growth shown to have extraordinary medicinal properties
  • And a set of viridian staves

The Dummy

Don't SLEEP, they are WATCHING.
~ Red

During the game itself, the mannequin was discovered near the brig, bolted to the floor on a rotating pivot. Regardless of Ruby or Tom's location, whenever it is visible, it stares out of the screen in the general direction of the player. It has been noted by the staff that the mannequin's eyes had strange properties; such as when Tom pokes the it's eyes with his crowbar, he remarks that they feel squishy; also that they also glow in the darkness. Strangly and surprisingly, this was not met by the staff with fear nor concern, but rather facination.

The "Cure"

You already HAVE the cure: So does everyone in this facility! It has brought you SIGHT! It has made you WELL! You didn't even need to EAT or DRINK! But when you died, you fucked it up! The cure was strong: It brought you BACK! And when you came back you brought something with you...
~ Filbert
There is no infection. The only disease here is the one the doctors made.
~ Bella

Experimentation with the fleshy growth produced a treatment that was able to heal otherwise incurable or lethal injuries, especially blindness, if the subject was confined to a limited area during the healing process. Later, they discovered it could even end the recipient's need to eat or drink--yet, still had the opportunity, if want be--and miraculously reverse death under the right circumstances. Facility researchers began to cultivate it for this purpose not only for the patients, but also for the staff themselves. It was later discovered, however, that patients would often develop psychopathic tendencies under the treatment. Also, once the subject was resurrected, they would begin to soon harbor ghastly mutations--especially in the regions which had previously been injured, frequently possessing supernatural powers--met with loss of prior memory and later to come: loss of intelligence and self-control. Long exposure to the "cure" while still in a confined space would often cause the mutations to become much worse than if left to roam freely, as seen with #6. Those removed from the treatment were subject to the same irreversible death as before, plus the scars left from their mutations--if any.

It seems that all this has some sort of purpose to the Cjopaze; thus why after his change of loyalites, Ace continues practice of revival and treatment for the patients and staff--excluding Bella, that is--and even for himself.

Effects on the Facility

Violent Outbreak and Subsequent Lockdown

After a period of chaos from both the patients and the staff, the highest members of the staff had retreated from the Metal Glen and left it in a perma-lockdown, maintained by Bella.

The Brig

Over the course of the game, the brig becomes divided in half by a black chasm. One half, as well as its associated gravity, later inverts. Both events apparently happen of their own accord.

Paticular Persons of Interest

There are mainly only two people who had directly consumed the new medication whom did not become completely corrupt by the intentions of the Cjopaze.


(see main article)


I am kept on life support. Those things don't attack me. My mind must be intact for me to continue operating. I suspect they don't want to taint it with me running the facility's systems.
~ Bella

The only one that the Barbed Wheel had not spread its mutgenic curse upon is Bella, the head systems manager and main support of the facility. When Ruby and Tom submit to her commands of a mercy kill, Ace is then seen going into a blind fury.


Some fans speculate that the Barbed Wheel may have a connection to, or even be, Perogra of Weaver's World Eater campaign, produced under the pen-name The Arbiter. The story is set in Quorum, Weaver's mega universe in which his many quests are connected. Perogra is portrayed as a god of forbidden knowledge. Her mythos also has heavy ties to mutation and distortion of reality. The symbol used to depict her has a similarity to a barbed wheel as well.

In Weaver's DiveQuest, there is also a scene in which Copal, the High Roller, presents the main character to a painting which has a similar illistration to one from RubyQuest. The High Roller states that it was retrieved from the Cult of the Barbed Wheel in the Southeast, before their altar sank into the sea and they vanished from the face of the earth. The cross-peg and what appears to be Ace's mask can be seen. Barbed Wheel may be assumed to be canon in the Weaververse based on this. 

Naming Conventions

The words "CJOPAZE FHTAGN" were found written on an eye chart; a clear reference (to the readers) to the phrase Cthulhu fhtagn of the Cthulhu Mythos. Cjopaze therefore became the semi-official/ fan accepted name of the entity by default. It is also became knwon as Barbed Wheel due the frequent appearance of  the barbed wheel symbol (a few examples seen here) The name Barbed Wheel and "World Eater" are references to elements from Warhammer 40k.

Other fan names include the "Bound Watcher", "He Who Slumbers in the Buried Dark", and the "God of the Green Throne", due to elements present during the game.

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