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The City Hunter is a member of the Yautja race who was sent to Earth at Los Angeles during the heatwave and gang war of 1997. He eventually came into conflict with both a government taskforce attempting to capture him and veteran LAPD Detective Lieutenant Mike Harrigan. He serves as titular main antagonist of Predator 2.



With his kind become intrigued more on humans since Jungle Hunter's defeat at hands of Dutch in 1987, they sent Hunting Party at Los Angeles 10 years later with a small mothership that they hid below the city, unnoticed by inhabitants as they arrived. City Hunter then goes for hunting potential worthy opponent at the city while the others would observed his works.

Predator 2

Hunting Gang Members

City Hunter then found the ferocious turf war and sweltering heatwave in the city, in which he uses the chaos as advantage to stalk and hunt some armed individuals whom may worthy for his hunt, includes Columbian Scorpion gang whom retreating back for their stronghold. Unfortunately for him, only one of them proved worthy as he silently took one of his killed victim and taking his skull as trophy while left the rest hanging upside down. Also, whlst still cloaking, he found Mike Harrigan and his friends cornered El Scorpio whom gone mad by the previous fight with him. El Scorpio loses control by tries to shot City Hunter behind him, only to be stopped by Harrigan whom shot him back where the process caused him to fall to his death.

Later that night, he bursts into Ramon Vega's luxurious downtown apartment just as a bunch of Jamaican Voodoo Posse members ritualistically murdered the Columbian gang leader. The Predator challenge them whilst still cloaking and slaughtered them, spare no one except Vega's mistress whom traumatized by the massacre.

Murdering Danny

By the time Harrigan and his team arrived and deviantly entered the scene of the crime noticed the bullet of City Hunter's speargun that stuck on the air conditioner before Keyes and his team arrived. Enraged at his defiance, Keyes threatens Harrigan, saying he will "disappear" if he interferes again. His suspicions aroused, Harrigan orders Jerry to follow Keyes, while he and Danny discuss plans to return to the crime scene later for further investigation into the murders. Danny arrives before Harrigan and attempts to retrieve the weapon they spotted earlier, which has gone unnoticed by Keyes' team. Unfortunately, City Hunter has also returned to the scene and revealing himself to Danny, attacks and kills him. City Hunter then proceed to "bone him like a fish". By this act, he unknowingly become nemesis for Mike.

Stalking Harrigan

Believing that Harrigan may the worthy foe for him, City Hunter developed interest and respect for the detective. He goes to stalk him when he consults with King Willie, the leader of Jamaican Voodoo Posse. King Willie uses his voodoo magic to deduce the killer that killed their people, and concludes that the killer is not a human, but rather a being from other world (the suggestion was not entirely accurate, as King Willie believes that the killer was demon, not the alien). When Harrigan left, King Willie notices City Hunter's presence and challenged him in mortal combat. In spite of his best efforts, King Willie was killed and his skull was collected as trophy.

On the next day, City Hunter stalked Harrigan again, this time when he visit Danny's grave. He noticed a young boy with a toy gun whom stare at him in spite of his cloak activated, and becomes cautious when he see the gun. City Hunter scans his machine gun and spares him after he notices that the supposed "machine gun" is harmless. The predator then left Danny's necklace to Harrigan where he could see it, and left just as Harrigan become agitated.

By this point, City Hunter knows how to test his chosen worthy prey, which is through his colleagues.

Subway Massacre

Knows what to do, City Hunter made his move for Harrigan's colleagues whom on board the train to ambush a group thugs. Since he deduced that harming Harrigan's friends would hardened him to be a worthy opponent that his final hunt would be challenging and exciting, the predator entered their fight and challenged them to see how formidable they are against him. Consequently, the already tense shootout become chaotic than Detectives Jerry Lambert and Leona Cantrell could handle, with many gunmen killed by the fight. Even so, Jerry and Leona proved themselves to be formidable opponents that they managed to hold their own against City Hunter. Impressed by their feats, he goes to killed them for another trophy, but is shocked to see that Leona was pregnant before he could lay her one finger. Because of this, he was forced to spare her and only took Jerry's skull and spine instead.

Harrigan soon arrived at the scene and gave chase to the Predator, but losing him when Keyes' goons intercepted him as he neared the city's slaughterhouse district. The City Hunter climbed the nearby Eastern Columbia Building and presented Jerry's skull as a trophy to the world, attracting a bolt of lightning with his Combistick.

Outsmarting Keyes' Soldiers

As Keyes revealed City Hunter's proposed origin to Harrigan, City Hunter returned to a slaughterhouse he uses as source of food during his time in city. His said visit was interrupted by Keyes and his OWLF team whom activated some sprinkles that sprays water mixed with radioactive material which jammed his cloaking device and interfered his thermal vision mode. Though it appeared City Hunter had disadvantages as his enemies wore special suits that both protected them from hazardous material and hide their signature heat, the predator, recalled on how Dutch defeated and outsmart Jungle Hunter in the past, quickly switches to various vision modes until he found a vision mode that expose the light coming from their ultraviolet torches. With his, he eluded and tricked OWLF team to gather in one spot and performed counterattacks with his Combistick, Plasma Caster, and Wrist Blades.

As Keyes horrified that the predator more armed and deadlier than City Hunter before him, Harrigan chooses to take the matter with his own hands. Armed with various weapons and protective plate that he put under his clothes and body armor, Harrigan entered the scene and an intense fight erupts between them. City Hunter blasted the hero with a plasma shot, but thanks to protective plate that he wore beneath his clothes, he remained unharmed and successfully disabled the predator's plasma caster before briefly K.O.ed the predator with numerous blasts of his shotgun.

As City Hunter seemingly incapacitated, Harrigan opened his mask and as he expresses his disgust on his look, the predator woke up and yelled on his face before tosses him aside and smashed his shotgun to pieces. He then goes after his now disadvantaged opponent, but is interrupted by Keyes' arrival whom tried to incapacitated him. The predator swiftly sliced him in two with his smart disc, and the fight continues to the roof. As they fight, City Hunter lost his Smart Disc and Combistick, and as he later found himself hanging perilously over the end of the building, the Predator attempted to activate his Self-Destruct Device out of believing that the fight ended in stalemate and they had to ended it by destroyed each other. Unfortunately, due to his Smart Disc attached on the wall near his opponent, Harrigan sees the opportunity to took the weapon and slice his Wrist Gauntlet in half, disabling the device and cutting his arm off below the elbow. The Predator fell into Ruth Albright's nearby apartment and administered emergency medical aid using his Medicomp to cauterize his wounds before the chase continued down into the underground tunnels. He also realized that his fight was far from over with Harrigan sliced his Wrist Gauntlet and he had temporarily retreated to his trophy room in mothership.


As Harrigan stumbles upon his trophy room, City Hunter shoots his net gun on him, only for Harrigan, now better in handling the weapon, frees himself and continue the fight. Ultimately, the fight ends with Harrigan delivered a fatal blow on the predator's stomach with the smart disc before rises it to the chest, killing him. Harrigan emerges victorious, and is greeted by City Hunter's comrades whom goes to collected their fallen friend's body.

The leader of City Hunter's team, knowing his friend fallen in a fair match, honored Harrigan with an antique flintlock pistol before letting him go and leaving the planet.


As with other members of Yautja race including Jungle Hunter, City Hunter was nurtured into ruthless head hunters who hunt a challenging preys for sport that followed his kind's strict codes. City Hunter also utilized similar methods with Jungle Hunter's in attacking armed humans he found during the heat of turf wars as well and share the same standard with the latter do. While City Hunter had more equipments than Jungle Hunter in his disposal, he was not as experienced as Jungle Hunter because the latter spent longer time on the field than him. His approach in hunting worthy prey in Los Angeles was a bit reckless since he too excited upon discovering Harrigan's worth as his challenging prey that he overestimated how powerful his opponent can be that resulting his grave disadvantages in their final fight.

In spite of his recklessness as the fight at the subway also resulting some of civilians got killed in subway due to caught within the crossfire, City Hunter diligently followed his kind's code. He only attacked armed humans to test their worthiness and spare children and pregnant women he encountered. Upon discovered that Leona who fought him pregnant, the predator was horrified and choose to spare her. When encountered a child who carry a gun when stalking Harrigan, City Hunter was shown cautious that he pointed his plasma caster on the boy, but eventually changed his mind as the gun was actually a toy. City Hunter still uphold his honor in his battle against Harrigan, as in spite of him shown retreating after gunned down by the hero and lose his mask, it was only to reorganize his plan to deal him upon discovered how tough he can be and running away like a coward is never an option nor something taught by his kind. His determination to uphold his honor culminated to the point of him willing to choose either self-destructing with his opponents or confront his opponent in mortal combat (though he only able to choose the latter as Harrigan cut his wrist gauntlet off) that made him still considered as honored Yautja by his clan leader.


  • Unnamed Colombian Scorpions member
  • Gold Tooth
  • Danny Archuleta
  • King Willie
  • Subway gang leader
  • Jerry Lambert
  • Peter Keyes


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