Citrocet is the only recurring antagonist of the Canadian cartoon show The Ripping Friends


Citrocet was born in the fictional country Euroslavia. He is also the country's merciless dictator. He has made several attempts to defeat the Ripping Friends. For example, in his debut in episode 4 of The Ripping Friends, he notices that the Ripping Friends were on an asteroid heading right towards Euroslavia. Citrocet said that he will finally destroy them at last, but as soon as the asteroid hits the country, Citrocet is defeated. A second time, in episode 7, He destroys most of the Earth. The Ripping Friends pound him on the ground so hard he ended up in an underground world that is similar to Hell. A fart fairy gives Citrocet actual super powers, the power to produce super farts. He then renames himself, Stinky Butt. The Ripping Friends were beaten up by Stinky Butt and his his super farts. The four brothers found out a way to stop Stinky Butt, by shrinking Chunk so he can go inside Stinky Butt and disable his fart gland. Chunk was able to disable it and got out of there just in time, due to Stinky Butt farting himself into another dimension. In episode 9, he and his gorilla friend, Anaxaminder, kidnap the Ripping Friends' man servant, Jimmy, and by torturing him, the four brothers will have to give in into Citrocet's demands. Rip was sent to rescue Jimmy. He threw a trash can very hard on the ground, which was meant to distract Anaxaminder. The gorilla went upstairs to the back door. He answered it, until Rip judo flips him and rips off his fur to disguise himself as Anaxaminder. Rip then gave Citrocet a taste of his own medicine by tying up the dictator to the chair where Jimmy was tied up to, painted his face with "Jimmy Paint", gagged him, then went back upstairs to help Anaxaminder regain conciseness by putting a banana on top of his nose, then Rip left with Jimmy. When Anaxaminder regained conciseness, he ate the banana that was given to him by Rip, he goes back downstairs. He led to believe that Citrocet is Jimmy, so Anaxaminder began torturing Citrocet, not knowing that Jimmy is no longer there.