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Citra Talugmai-Montenegro

Citra Talugmai-Montenegro is a supporting protagonist-turned-the hidden final antagonist/protagonist villain of Far Cry 3. She is the mentally unstable, deeply fanatical leader of the Rakyat and the younger sister of Vaas Montenegro.

She is voiced by Faye Kingslee.


While quite unpleasant at times, she doesn't show any signs of really being a villain until the very end of the game, when she tries to make Jason Brody kill his friends and join her. The player can either obey her or defy her.

If the player chooses the former, Jason kills his friends and joins Citra. The scene then cuts to the two having sex when Citra suddenly stabs Jason, saying she is pregnant with his child and that their child will become the ruler of the Rakyat.

If the player chooses the latter, however, she desperately tries to convince him to change his mind, even going so far as to claim that she loves him. Dennis Rodgers then comes and attempts to stab Jason out of anger but Citra gets in the way and takes the hit, leaving her fatally wounded. She then dies as Jason holds her, as Dennis weeps in horror over what he's done.

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