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Cis is one of villains of Tiger and Bunny is cyborg was created by
Rotwang in order the arodnods to rule world than NEXT. during the ride which carried her, The vencelice was stucked by lightng which left Cis to escaped. she was sitting in the park when she met Keith Goodman aka Sky High who derrsped after he lost title of King of Heroes and humilited by Jake Martinez. Cis seems know the words "I don't know", "Yes", "No" and "I'm sorry" which led Keith to fall in love with her and win her heart with help of fellow Heroes. That night Cis was found by Dr Rotwing and tried take her but during the ride Cis sees poster of Wild Tiger which turned her as berserk and attacking Rotwang before Wild Tiger and Barney saved him. Both Wild Tiger and Barney fought Cis whom they thought her as Next until they were shocked that Cis was cyborg, Rotwang explained them that Cis will hear word Heroes as Wild Tiger's powers are soon deluded. Sky high come to rescue Barney and Wild tiger by fighting the cyborng (which inspired by Cis) to fight. As Barney and Kostubu watch the fight between Sky High and Cis in the sky until Sky high finally deafted and destroyed Cis but not knowing that arondid is same girl that he fall in love. In the end Keith bought roses and waiting for the girl to see him