Circulas fullbody

Circulas is the first of the four guardians to appear and he has blonde hair and blue eyes. He has concern for the boy in the mansion and goes to fight Pretty Cure in order to "protect him" and find the Queen believing her to be the ultimate threat. He is usually the one in charge when Baldez is not around and he often argues with Uraganos. He is usually calm around the mansion, Circulas bears a slight resemblance to Juna from the previous season.

Pretty Cure Max Heart

After regaining his ability to change and learn that the Queen is gone, the Pretty Cure meet Circulas asking about the where about of the Queen. After Circulas which is present in the first appearance of Shiny Luminous, and when this is defeated heads to the mansion where he begins to wonder who is Shiny Luminous. Not until it reaches that Baldez confirms that Light is the life of the Queen, but you circulate already suspected something. The rest of the season three alternate guardians to fight the Pretty Cure, being how you circulate attack ridiculing the feelings of the girls. A melting point with Baldez to Dark King, this tells merging but they also prefer to get it over with all the Pretty Cure, using his power to the fullest and sacrificing his life to break the Sparkle Bracelets.