Circi is an antagonist in the actual sequel of the original Drawn to Life game called The Next Chapter not the pseudo-original one with Spongebob. However, she appears in the Wii version instead of the DS version.

Who is she?

She is a seemingly regular Raposa who was married to the now dead Wilfre.


She seemed to be a very innocent Raposa girl who was the assistant of the new mayor of the Raposa filled town named Mari. But as some of us know we shouldn't always trust those who seem innocent. This was revealed when at the very end of the game she revealed that she had tricked everyone into gathering four artifacts

Physical Appearence

She like normal Raposa has a sort of anime fox kind of look with red fur. She always wears a black dress possibly to reference the fact that her "Snookums" is dead.

Her overall role

She was originally the wife of the now deceased Wilfre but when he died she then went to working with the new mayor of a Raposa inhabited town. The town she was in had known a period of peace for quite a while until a recent string of thefts struck the town. The thefts were unusual however in that they involved just drawn stuff. The villagers of the town first suspected a thief known as Zsasha but when he was fond later on in the game being held captive for days by a monkey king the suspicions of him wore thin and the villagers were back to square one... or so it seemed. During Zsasha's rescue, the hero (who again was placed upon a mannequin) and a Raposa known as Jowee found three Shadow Walkers (or as the Monkey King called them, Bad Inkies) tormenting the monkey king. The bad inkies bore a striking resemblance to the original Shadow Walkers which made everyone in the village think that Wilfre might be back. The player then went into Wilfre's own city and found an entry from Wilfre's journal which at the time suggested that he might in fact be back. The entry mentioned that there would be four powerful artifacts that if combined could rival the creator.