Circe is a powerful supernatural supervillain appearing in DC comics and is one of Wonder Woman's greatest enemies. While Wonder Woman champions the gods and seeks to protect humanity, Circe champions only herself and sees humanity as just another tool by which to get what she desires.

Circe often refers to herself as a goddess and indeed has shown herself to be one of DC's most powerful sorceresses, capable of many mystical feats but never seeming to be content with what she has - Circe seeks to dominate the world and defeat Wonder Woman so that magic can rule supreme. She served as the main villain of almost every Wonder Woman comics alongside Ares.

Television History

Circe DCAU
Circe appears in Justice League as an enemy of Wonder Woman and Batman. Circe escapes the Underworld and decides to attack Wonder Woman because of her hatred of her mother, Hippolyta. She uses her powerful sorcery to transform humans and objects into animals, including Wonder Woman by turning her into a pig and Batman's weapons into doves. Batman and the magician mystic Zatanna tracked Circe to a night club and Circe agreed to turn Wonder Woman back to human if Bruce performed a song for her which he did and Circe reverted the spell.

DC Universe Online

Circe (DCUO)

Circe (DC Universe Online).

In the DC Universe Online game Circe is the mentor to villains who choose the path of magic and will appear to them via communication - she is as power-hungry and malevolent as ever but seems to be intent on working with Brother Blood to unleash Trigon into the world so as to literally transform the world into Hell.

Circe holds those that oppose her in contempt and is very arrogant, as can be seen when (in DC Universe Online) she refers to Brainiac's plans as "amusing" her and stating he will never master the power of magic.. as in the comics she sees Wonder Woman as a major threat and is intent on having the Amazon bow before her so as to finally end their lengthy rivalry.