Cinecon is a director-themed mutant in the Power Rangers Time Force episodes "Movie Madness Part 1" and "Movie Madness Part 2".

He is first introduced as an elderly director directing a film starring Frankie Chang (A parody of Jackie Chan). While shooting the movie one of the stuntman "hurt" himself, so Wes volunteerd to take his place. Everything went good until Wes realized that the sword used against him is real. "Frankie Chang" kept trying to kill Wes. Jen begged the director to stop "Frankie Chang" but to no avail. The movie crew put a pad that Wes will fall on. "Frankie Chang" kicks Wes off of the building, he hoped he would land on the pad, but the movie crew moved the pad away from Wes, causing him to fall on the ground. The director shouted at the crew to cue the explosion, making Wes leap in the air. Wes said that he was lucky to be in one piece. The director told him he won't be in one piece for long, he shows the rangers the name of the film "The End Of The Rangers". The director laughs as he reveals his true form, the mutant director Cinecon, while Frankie Chang and the crew were all revealed to be Cyclobots