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Cindy and Mindy are minor recurring antagonists in the 5th season of Pretty Little Liars.

They are portrayed by Melanie and Monica Moreno.

Alison relentlessly bullied them prior to her disappearance, referring to them as "gayrons" (a portmanteau of "gay" and "morons". The latter judgement appears to have been inaccurate, the former however is still ambiguous.

2 sisters, Cindy and Mindy are members of Mona Vanderwaal's Army of Alison haters. They two of them assist Mona at various times. In the mid-season finale, however, they defect from Mona and begin aiding Alison DiLaurentis, as her chief henchmen.

Villainous Deeds

  • Assisting Mona and Alison in their various villainous plans.


  • They are now no longer helping either.

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